5 Ways to Clean More Efficiently (& Improve Profit Margins)

7 Ways to Clean More Efficiently (& Improve Profit Margins)


There are many ways to boost your residential cleaning business’ profit margins, but increasing productivity is one of the easiest and most effective options. Your crew can clean more quickly if they increase their efficiency. As a result, you can cut back on wages or make time available to serve new customers.

You must find measures to boost your personal effectiveness if you run a one-person business. If you employ people, you must continuously train them so that they uphold your exacting standards in all they do.

  1. Use good cleaning systems – 

Better cleaning procedures can be implemented as a strategy to boost productivity. Utilize each movement to its fullest potential to save time. 

  • When you can, use both hands. Examples: Spray chemicals onto your rag with one hand, then wipe with the other. Stabilize an object using one hand while cleaning it with the other.
  • Follow a room’s clockwise direction. Another time waster is aimlessly pacing a room. Moving around a space in a circular motion is most effective, and you are less likely to forget to mark things off your checklist.
  • If it isn’t dirty, keep going. For instance, the edges of a desk do not need to be brushed as frequently as the top; some surfaces require less frequent cleaning than others.
  • Store supplies nearby. Use a cleaning cart or an apron to carry industrial cleaning supplies and tiny equipment so you don’t have to return.
  • Leave the job to the products. Some industrial cleaning supplies require to dwell time to function optimally. Rushing it could take longer if you have to restart steps or put forth an extra effort.
  1. Team Cleaning – 

Team cleaning is a productivity-boosting strategy for larger cleaning businesses. A team leader oversees inspections and corresponds with the homeowner. Each cleaner has a distinct task to do. To prevent boredom and burnout, teams are cross-trained or given a variety of activities. The number of houses your organisation cleans each day could possibly be tripled with this more efficient way.

  1. Use Better Tools for cleaning – 

Tools and equipment that save time can increase the amount of cleaning one employee can complete. Investing upfront in more advanced industrial cleaning supplies can ultimately result in large labour cost savings that can more than balance pay increases.

  1. Embrace Technology – 

As soon as you buy it, start using technology tailored to your sector. It will aid in streamlining processes, enhancing communications, and generally boosting efficiency. Additionally, several house cleaning businesses use GPS technology to track remote workers and increase their productivity.

  1. Staff Training – 

It is sensible to invest in skilled aid because staff training is essential to enhancing job effectiveness. We provide various training courses to ensure that your staff is as efficient and profitable as possible. Training is not something you do once, and that’s it. It should be continuing from the moment a person is employed until they leave. 

Thus, you can also employ these methods to effectively increase your profit margin besides providing the best-in-class cleaning services.

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