Gift Ideas And Tips For Special Customers

Before sending any treat to your client through a corporate gift supplier (รับ ทำ ของ พ รี เมี่ ยม which is the term in Thai), try to know the company’s restrictions you work for. After all, it is common to limit the value or type of gift.

Gift Ideas And Tips For Special Customers

Barbecue Kit

Who doesn’t love a good barbecue? Whether on the weekend or commemorative and special dates, it’s a perfect opportunity to gather friends and family to have fun. Therefore, a personalized barbecue kit as a gift for customers can be an excellent idea! Among some items that you can put in a barbecue kit, you can choose knives, forks, skewers, boards, aprons, etc.

Gourmet Coffee Kit

Another gift option that would undoubtedly please most customers is a coffee kit, especially if it’s gourmet. It’s a creative and lovely gift that works great for any occasion. Offer a kit with gourmet coffees, ground, or beans, alongside a personalized cup, strainers, and other related items. Indeed, a gift that will delight any important customer.

Executive Agenda

At first, although a diary may seem like a simpler gift, it is still a great alternative for those who will use it daily. That’s why we mentioned earlier that you need to know your customer well when choosing the ideal treat.

A premium and personalized executive plan can easily become an excellent gift that will be unforgettable for your client. Assemble an executive kit with a plan, pen, flash drive, and other gift options if you want to go further.

Travel Kit

Do you know that a special client of yours travels a lot for work? So, nothing better than a travel kit that will accompany you on your comings and goings. Custom luggage tags with the customer’s name, laptop bags, sleep masks, neck pillows, document holders, and cards are some fantastic ideas for putting in a travel gift kit.

Wellness Kit

Do your client’s value well-being and personal care? Then a wellness kit might be the best gift solution to give away. The most interesting thing about this option is that the items can be quite varied. Soaps and special oils, room diffusers, massagers, or even tea infusions.

Sustainable Gifts

A final tip is eco-friendly gifts for customers. If you know that they care about sustainability and the good of our planet, there is nothing better than making gifts that are useful and ecological in everyday life. Eco bags, eco-friendly straws, and silicone cups are excellent gift ideas that respect the environment and use consciously.


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