The Birth of Rolex Day-Date Watch

Its full name is Oyster Perpetual Day-Date and was introduced by Rolex in 1965. The public quickly understands that it was an unrivaled watch, thanks to its innovative 12 o’clock window that indicates the full day of the week.

Rolex originally generated the day wheel in 11 different languages; however, offered the global success of this landmark, today you can pick from as many as 26.

The case back has a slightly domed look, similar to the previous bubble-backs, because of the density offered by the automatic device, as well as both day and date wheels.

After simply one year, these referrals are changed by the new Rolex Day Date ref. 6611, fluted bezel; 6612, smooth bezel; and 6613, diamond-set bezel.

The most vital distinction from previous models is in motion: the micro-star change of the equilibrium wheel enabled it to make the COSC qualification. A really limited number of specimens of 6611 have a different bridge plate, 0.1 mm thicker. These samplings can be recognized, many thanks to the details reference 6611B, and for their extreme rarity, are highly searched for by enthusiasts.

The symbol

If we ask you to shut your eyes and envision a Day-Date, you would probably return to 1959, the year the iconic ref. 18XX was presented.

In all its variants, this family of references has become the classic canon that is connected with the Rolex Day-Date.

Mechanically, the new system with 18,000 beats/hour obtains the appellation 1555 till the year 1965, as well as was then applied up to 19,800 beats per hour.

The last adjustment came in 1972 with the introduction of hacking seconds to synchronize watches.

These new systems, thinner than the previous ones, allow the instance to adopt a leaner line, in line with the oyster criteria we are utilized to.


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